NS060-100A Light Sensor

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Description of the

NovaStar NS060-100A


The NovaStar NS060 light sensor allows you to monitor and automatically control the brightness of your LED display.

In conjunction with the corresponding hardware (see Features), the sensor measures the ambient brightness and controls the brightness of the LED display by means of customisable programming.



  • diameter: ~32mm
  • length: 50mm
  • Cable length: 100 metres
  • Compatible with NovaStar MSD300, MSD600, MCTRL300,MCTRL600, PSD100 and MFN300.
  • Operating voltage: 5 Volt
  • Working temperature: -20° to 75°
  • Brightness control range: 0 - 65635 Lux

Additional information

WEEE number

DE 501 113 91